Dinner Menu

Combinations (add .25 to substitute beef for chicken)

1. One taco, two enchiladas

2. One taco, one enchilada, one chalupa

3. One taco, one enchilada, one chile relleno

4. One taco, one enchilada, one tostada

5. One beef enchilada, one cheese enchilada

6. One beef enchilada, one taco

7. One enchilada, chile relleno

8. One enchilada, one tamale

9. One beef quesadilla, chalupa

10. Two beef tacos, rice & fried beans

11. One beef burrito, one taco, one enchilada

12. One tamale, one chile relleno

13. Chicken quesadilla, one chile relleno

14. One burrito, one enchilada, one tamale

15. One chalupa, one tostada, beef taco

16. One chalupa, one chile relleno, one enchilada

17. One chile relleno, one taco, one chalupa

18. One burrito, one taco

19. One chile relleno, one taco

20. One taco, one chile relleno, one burrito

21. One chalupa, one burrito, one taco

22. One tostaguac, chicken quesadilla, taco

23. One burrito, one chile relleno

24. One enchilada, one burrito

25. One beef burrito, chalupa, chile relleno

26. One beef burrito, enchilada, chile relleno

27. One beef burrito, chile relleno, fried beans

Vegetarian Plates

A. One been burrito, one cheese enchilada

B. One chalupa, one been burrito

C. One been burrito with nacho cheese

D. Chalupa and cheese, enchilada and bean burrito

E. Two mushrooms and cheese quesadillas, guacamole salad or fried beans

F. Two spinach and cheese quesadillas, guacamole salad and sour cream

G. Vegetarian fajitas, grilled onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, mushrooms

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